Tips For Eating Healthy In A Restaurant

If you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can easily do it even if you are eating out in restaurants. Who can resist the delicious foods that they tend to offer?

But it doesn’t mean that you should use it as an excuse not to follow your healthy routine.

Here are the following tips to eat healthy while dining out.

Don’t afraid to ask for requests

You are paying them just right, therefore, you have every right to ask for small requests so that it will suit your healthy routine. For instance, if the dish is fried, you could always ask them if they could grate it for you. When serving your salad, ask them if they could minimize the meat that they are going to put and fill it with lots of leafy vegetables instead.

Always ask for “more vegetables”

In restaurants, vegetables serve as garnish or something to beautify the presentation. However, you could always ask them if they could put more vegetables instead of a regular serving that they use it as a garnish. Some will hesitate to do so, therefore, be sure to offer them extra charges upon your request. You should only get full by the food you eat, not fat.

Always ask the preparation of the food

Before ordering what’s on the menu, you could always ask the waiter how the food is prepared. For instance, if they have mentioned that this dish is fat-free, it doesn’t literally mean that it really is. They will most likely use calorie-dense oil in order to minimize the fat that you are going to obtain in eating that food.

Pay attention to the appetizers

Most of the restaurants put the seafood and vegetables on the appetizer section. Why don’t you order double serving of the appetizer instead and skip the main course that’s filled with fats and carbohydrates? You can always ask your waiter to do so, especially if you love what is being offered on the appetizer section.

Check out the menu of the restaurant before visiting it

In order to make sure that you still have healthy options in dining into that restaurant, make sure that you visit their official website first. Most of them post what is being offered on the menu. Aside from that, they also tend to include nutritional information in order to assure their health-conscious customers that their menu is delicious yet healthy. Do not visit a restaurant unless you haven’t checked their menu otherwise you will be forced to eat unhealthy foods if you have no other choice.

There you go. Keep these tips in mind and you will surely enjoy the food that is being offered by the restaurant all the while making sure that you are maintaining your healthy diet. As much as you wanted to taste their top-selling dish, you also have to make sure that their food won’t ruin your diet or won’t cause you to gain extra fats after eating.


Tips For Finding The Best Restaurants In Town

If you love travelling, sure enough, you love tasting the different cuisines from all over the world. However, aside from checking out the list of best restaurants on the internet, what are some other things that you could do that would lead you to a restaurant that will surely suit your tastes and will provide you a remarkable eating experience? Here’s how:

Leave your hotel and explore around

The first thing that you should do is to put down your phone or tablet and leave your hotel to explore the area. There are so many restaurants that weren’t listed on the site and are waiting to be discovered—they could even be better than the reviewed restaurants out there. Getting lost can sometimes lead you to the best restaurants in town because you get to meet the locals and ask them about recommended eateries. There could also be newly-opened restaurants that you could pass by.

Ask for assistance from a native guide

Make some effort into learning a little bit of their language if people around you don’t speak the same language so that you can at least communicate with them. Learning how to ask for a restaurant that serves the best chicken rice or momo from a native expert can really help you a lot in locating the best restaurant in the place that you are visiting.

Look for restaurants that are drawing crowds

Have you ever noticed a restaurant that is so busy people are almost spilling out of the glass because of the crowd? Well, if these people are local citizens of the area then it might be a great indication that this restaurant serves some good food.

More often than not, getting into this crowd and trying to order yourself at least one of their top-selling menu can be worth it.

Use the technology wisely

If you wanted to have a great eating adventure, then you should know how to use the technology wisely. There are some Google maps that can tell you nearby restaurants in your location in case you don’t have any idea where to start looking for great restaurants.

And of course, not all time would you like to explore around the area especially if you can’t communicate really well with the folks around you. The GPS and Google map can help you get away from a place you don’t want to stay anymore and lead you to a restaurant that can serve you the best and amazing meals you’ll ever have in your entire life.

Make sure that you follow these tips if you want to dine in a great restaurant that serves amazing meals. Your trip to somewhere new can’t be completed if you don’t get to have a taste of their cuisines and have a great eating adventure. There are also some people who mostly travel just for eating. As you may have known by now, eating their cuisine is the best way to have a glimpse of their culture.




How To Tip Your Waiter Just Right In A Restaurant

If you are going to eat in a fine restaurant, you will most likely to tip the waiter or waitress that had been attending and serving your needs. However, when it comes to tipping it will most likely depend on the type of service that they have offered to you.

Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind when it comes to tipping your waiter!

Calculate the right amount

A good rule of the thumb is to tip the waiter at least 15% of the overall bill when you are eating in a restaurant. This is the minimum tip you could ever give to your waiter after you received their service. Always keep in mind that if you give them anything less than the minimum, the waiter will be offended. Just consider this, if you are not that satisfied with the service of the waiter then you could at least give them 15% of the overall bill.

If you think that their service is good enough, that’s the time that you would give 20% of the overall bill and if you are really impressed with the way the waiter has handled you, then you should consider giving them 25%.

Try downloading a tip generating app

If you don’t want to calculate inside of your head, you can always install a tip generating application on your smartphone. All you need to do is to put your bill amount on the application and then it will automatically calculate it for you. Aside from applications, there are also websites wherein you can also input the amount of the bill if you wanted so that you will be accurate in the tip that you will be giving your waiter.

Do not be afraid to leave a small tip

If you have really received a bad service and you weren’t satisfied with the services that the waiter gave you, you are not required to give them the minimum tip. However, you can try fixing it out by talking to the waiter about your complaints if you really feel bad. If they are ignoring you, or they do not take interest then you should really give them a small tip. That’s not being a jerk or insensitive but you are only giving them what they deserve. Most especially if they have treated you rudely, it’s okay if you do not give any tip at all. The management could do something about the attitude of the waiter if you tend to report it.

There you go. Now that you know how to tip your waiter just right, make sure that you apply these tips in order to make your waiter happy. However, there are some countries that don’t accept any tips at all so before you give a tip to when eating in a new restaurant in a new country, get to know their rules about tipping to make sure that you are not accidentally insulting their services.